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RAE04 is fully compatible with the Allflex electronic ear tag.

Pet earring is specially designed for animal feeding and slaughter management. It complies with the international standard ISO11784 / 11785HDX. It is designed and manufactured on imported advanced microchip with read and write function and unique data security design. In the process of breeding and slaughtering livestock and poultry, it is possible to trace the identity of the animals by using it in conversations with our readers.

HDX EID tags use Half Duplex technology. Each tag is printed with a unique identification number which is stored in the tag's HDX transponder. HDX EID labels are made of rigid plastic. Features global flared male buttons. Apply with Universal Total Tagger.

Tag do ucha dla bydła

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Number RAE04
    Dimension 30 * 15mm or 30 * 23mm
    Material TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
    Weight 8.5 g
    Colour Yellow or Customized

  • Frequency 134.2 kHz
    Protocol ISO11784 / 785
    Token HDX (SIC7999), FDX-B (EM4305, Hitags256) or other option
    Memory 128-bit OTP (HDX), 512-bit RW, 256-bit RW (FDX-B)
    Reading range HDX up to 100 cm (39.37 inches), FDX up to 75 cm (29.53 inches)
    Anti-collision standard IEC 68-2-27
    Vibrating pattern IEC 68-2-6
    Maximum voltage 350N
    Data storage 10 years

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