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A unique 15-digit identification number is stored and printed on each single-use, tamper-proof, half-duplex (HDX) label. The farm premises identification number is assigned to a series of tag numbers to be sent and the information is stored in the NAIS database. Each label can be visually verified by viewing the ID number of the printed label or automatically verified with a reader. HDX tags are the best choice when tags will be read with a sidewalk reader or in a packing facility as they have a greater read distance.

EID RAE01 sheep ear tag

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Number RAE01
    Dimension 30 * 13mm or 30 * 23mm
    Material TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
    Weight 6.5 g
    Colour Yellow or Customized

  • Frequency 134.2 kHz
    Protocol ISO11784 / 785
    Token HDX (SIC7999), FDX-B (EM4305, Hitags256) or other option
    Memory 128-bit OTP (HDX), 512-bit RW, 256-bit RW (FDX-B)
    Reading range HDX up to 100 cm (39.37 inches), FDX up to 75 cm (29.53 inches)
    Anti-collision standard
    IEC 68-2-27
    Vibrating pattern IEC 68-2-6
    Maximum voltage 350N
    Data storage 10 years

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