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It is a low frequency tag scanner which uses wireless identification technology and supports reading FDX-A, FDX-B, HDX (ISO11784 / 85) tags etc. This scanner uses high brightness OLED display

Can store up to 20,000 records of tag information with the built-in memory, users can transfer this information to computer via USB cable. This product is stable with simple operation, which is widely used for small animal management, resource management

Electronic Tag Reader

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Number R-SR02
    Materials Plastic
    Dimensions 225 * 11 * 32mm (L * W * H)
    Weight 350g
    Accessories Battery, charger and data cable
    LCD OLED with high brightness 25 * 44mm
    Vibration Yes
    Power / Volume buttons

    4 ALPS buttons / 2.5N working force

    Service life of 1 million cycles

    Battery 3000 mAh
    USB interface Micro USB
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
    Working temperature -10 ° - + 50 °
    Storage temperature -30 ° - + 70 °
    Humidity 5% RH - 95% RH (no condensation)
    Level of security IP64
    Safe dump height 1.2 m
    Standards FDX-B, FDX-A and HD
    Frequency 134.2 kHz

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