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Identification of clothes in the laundry

Laundry room equipped with RFID tag reading devices has full programming and hardware facilities for wireless identification of clothes during the laundry process. Depending on the adopted methodology, identification may take place at the customer's place - at the place of collection of clothes or at the laundry - during admission to the laundry (car unloading).

RFID technology is designed to speed up the operation of the laundry facility by means of instant, wireless reading of tags at the time of receipt and release of clothes from the laundry. It is worth emphasizing that the system enables the identification of clothes at every stage of the laundry process (ironing, repair, warehouse, receipt, issue, mangle, chemical treatment, etc.). The advantage is also the elimination of human errors and providing customers with a transparent procedure regarding the control of deliveries and settlements for the service provided. (Thanks to the www panel, customers have the opportunity to keep track of what is happening with their laundry).

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